Safety Council Calls for Cell Phone Ban on the Road

Data from the National Highway Safety Administration show that over three quarters of motor vehicle accidents are caused by driver inattention, and cell phone use is the number one cause of inattention on the road.

In January, the National Safety Council called for states to ban cell phone use while driving, even going as far as banning hands-free devices. According to the Safety Council, the level of distraction while talking on a hands-free device is no different from talking on a headset. In fact, it’s not the act of holding a cell phone that is distracting – it’s having a conversation with someone who’s not in the car.

Several states enforce hefty fines for drivers using cell phones on the road. In fact, Chicago Police have issued over 40,000 tickets to drivers who violated the cell phone ban. Last week, the fine increased from $75 to $100, but some are concerned that this still may not deter drivers from using cell phones.

Time to Hang It Up: New Cell Fine May Not Help, Chicago Sun-Times, February 16, 2009
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