Massachusetts Man Killed by Commuter Train

In Brockton, an unidentified man was struck and killed by a commuter train yesterday. According to a spokesperson for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, the train was traveling outbound on the Middleborogh/Lakeville Line when the MBTA accident occurred.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Police said the commuter train accident victim and another unidentified man were driving around the tracks on a quad runner vehicle. The pair stopped to use the restroom, and the victim climbed onto the tracks, where he was struck and killed. Although police questioned the other man, no charges were filed as of Sunday evening. The fatal train accident is under investigation.

Man killed in train crash, Boston Herald, February 16, 2009
Man killed by commuter rail train in Brockton, Patriot Ledger, February 16, 2009
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