Fatal Tractor-Trailer / Pedestrian Accident in Worcester

Worcester, Mass. – A fatal accident involving two pedestrians and a tractor-trailer occurred Thursday evening, just after 9:30 pm. When police arrived at Kelley Square, they found 24-year-old Sarah Ewing pinned under the truck’s rear wheels.

Witnesses said the driver of the 18-wheeler pulled to the side of Millbury Street to let a fire truck pass, then entered Kelley Square and attempted a right-hand turn toward I-290’s on-ramp. According to a preliminary investigation, the truck apparently cut the turn too sharply resulting in a collision with a light pole. The two pedestrians involved in the accident were standing by the light pole at the time of the collision. Upon impact, the pole began to fall, forcing the pedestrians to run in the direction of the truck to avoid being struck by the falling pole.

Ewing and the unidentified male (who witnesses say might be Ewing’s brother) were unable to avoid being hit by the pole. The man escaped with a non-life threatening foot injury, but the impact forced Ewing under the truck’s rear tires.

“It hit the guy in the leg, and it hit the lady which ended up knocking the lady into the street. She ended up getting rolled into the tire,” said Kelley Square Plaza employee, Cliff Morris.

After approximately half an hour, rescue workers were able to free Ewing from under the tractor-trailer’s wheels. The young woman was rushed to the hospital where she was initially reported to be in critical condition. Sadly, she did not survive her injuries.

Driver Fatigue Accidents involving large trucks are responsible for thousands of deaths every year. The sheer size of a tractor-trailer, which can weigh between 10,000 and 80,000 pounds, significantly increases the chance of serious injury or death in an accident. Pedestrians are most vulnerable. Although the majority of truck drivers are utilizing safe driving practices, negligence on the part of the driver or trucking company is a very real possibility.

Driver fatigue is a common factor in truck accidents. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has established “hours of service” regulations to limit the amount of hours long-haul truck drivers can drive during a specific period of time. However, truck drivers are still permitted to drive a maximum of 14 hours, following a 10 hour rest period. A truck driver nearing the end of a 14 hour shift may be severely fatigued.

Driver and Company Negligence

Equipment failure and negligent maintenance are also common contributors to truck accidents. Considering the potential for catastrophic injuries in a truck accident, truck companies have a lot at stake when a driver is involved in a collision. Many companies will send a representative to the scene of the accident in an attempt to minimize liability. It is imperative that you talk with an attorney before speaking with a truck company representative.

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