Takata Expands Recall to Almost 34 Million Air Bags

Takata Corporation has expanded its air bag recall to nearly 34 million devices. Already, six fatalities and more than 100 injuries that have been linked to exploding shrapnel from these defective safety devices. As part of an agreement reached with the U.S. Department of Transportation, Takata has admitted that these air bags are flawed.

Until recently the recall affected over 16 million autos with Takata side passenger inflators and only in regions in the U.S. with high humidity. The recall now affects close to 34 million cars and trucks and has gone national. The safety devices were made with a propellant that can degrade.

A Takata air bag with a propellant that has degraded may be at risk of inflating too fast, which could create extra pressure that may make the air bag rupture and shoot metal shards into the vehicle. The metal pieces can cause puncture wounds, organ damage, cuts, bruises, eye injuries, and blindness—not to mention that an exploding air bag cannot properly provide protection during a Boston car crash.

Massachusetts Auto Defects Lawsuits

Automakers and the manufacturers of car parts can be held liable for Massachusetts auto products liability for faulty vehicle parts that contributed to an accident and/or injury. Air bags are supposed to help save lives not cause harm.

Going up against a big car manufacturer can be daunting. Auto defect lawsuits are more complex than other types of car crash cases and you want to work with a law firm that knows how to prove what caused your accident and who was responsible. Your lawyer may even need to retain accident experts who can show exactly where the defect or malfunction originated and how it could and should have been prevented.

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