Woman Driving 100 MPH Crashes Car in VT – Causes Two Fatalities

One woman’s reckless driving has caused a fatal crash in Vermont that took the lives of two people. The crash occurred Thursday at approximately 12:30 PM in Fonda Junction, Vermont along Route 7. Route 7, which is also known as St. Albans Road, had to be shut down for about six hours following the accident.

Investigators responding to the scene have stated that the driver of the vehicle that had been traveling erratically has been identified as 35 year old Maria Carlson of Swanton, Vermont. According to preliminary reports, Carlson had been driving her truck northbound along Route 7 when she lost control of her vehicle and crashed into a nearby telephone pole. Carlson did not stop there however. After hitting the telephone pole, Carlson drove through a neighboring yard and back out onto the road. Once she reached the road, she drove head-on into a car that had been driving past. Both individuals in that other vehicle were killed during this accident.

The victims have been identified as 68 year old Diane Bohannon and 67 year old Robert Benjamin, both of Alburg, Vermont. Diane Bohannon was driving the car at the time of the accident and was pronounced dead on scene. Robert Benjamin was transported to Northwest Medical Center where he died a short time later. Maria Carlson was treated for non-life threatening injuries following the crash. The extent and nature of her injuries was not made immediately available.

A witness was cooperating with investigators following the crash and told law enforcement officials that they had seen Maria Carlson driving at speeds close to 100 MPH before she initially crashed into the telephone pole. When Carlson was question by responding police officers about the accident she caused, she told the officers that she had no recollection of the crash or the events prior. Police are investigating into whether or not Carlson may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the accident. Reports have not indicated if responding officers administered a breathalyzer test following Carlson’s arrest.

Officially, Maria Carlson is being charged with gross negligent operation resulting in a death. Further information on possible arraignment dates or additionally charges has not been made available at this time. It is unclear if Carlson has obtained a lawyer for her case. Following the accident, Maria Carlson was admitted to the hospital to seek treatment for her injuries. Once released from the hospital, she was ordered to be held on bail until her arraignment could take place.

As a result of the crash, the telephone pole came down and effected electrical lines in the surrounding area. Swanton Electric Company arrived on scene to help restore power to the area in order for law enforcement officials to allow people to gain access to the road again.

State Police officials in Vermont have asked for individuals who may have witnessed the accident or the events leading up to the crash to please contact them with any relevant information. This information could possible aid law enforcement officials in their investigation into the matter.


Additional information may be found at the following link: http://www.wcvb.com/news/woman-driving-at-100-mph-before-double-fatal-crash-witness-says/35092334

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