Ayer Man Escapes Life Threatening Injuries in Bizarre ATV Accident

A 75 year old man from Ayer, Massachusetts sustained non-life threatening injuries after experiencing an accident on his all-terrain vehicle on Sunday, although some reports have suggested that the accident took place on Monday night. A clear distinction in the matter was not immediately made available by news agencies. The man seriously injured in the crash, who has been identified as Tom Bonnell, had been transporting a black bear he had hunted in the area at the time the accident took place.

According to preliminary reports released for the accident, New Hampshire Fish and Game Conservation officers have stated that the incident occurred on Ossipee Mountain near Moultonborough, New Hampshire. Reports have indicated that Tom Bonnell was descending Ossipee Mountain when he lost control of his all-terrain vehicle, or ATV. The exact events leading up to the accident have not been provided at this time, but responding officers have stated that Bonnell’s ATV rolled over, causing his injuries. It was at this time that Bonnell had been propelled from his vehicle and onto the rough, sloping terrain of the mountain. Officials have indicated that Tom Bonnell had not been wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

Reports have further indicated that Tom Bonnell’s hunting partner, who has not yet been identified, was with him at the time of the accident and contacted authorities immediately. Responding emergency personnel carried Tom Bonnell approximately 150 yards down the mountain to a main road where an ambulance had been waiting for him. It was at this time that Bonnell was further taken to Moultonborough Airport where he was then airlifted to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital to face evaluation and treatment for his injuries. The extent and severity of these injuries was not made immediately available. Despite the fact that he was not wearing a helmet, Tom Bonnell did not suffer any life-threatening injuries as a result of the accident, though responding officials did indicate that the subsequent injuries he sustained were serious.

Following the incident, officers from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Conservation took custody of the black bear harvested by Tom Bonnell and removed the bear from the scene. They have indicated that they would be overseeing the care of the harvested black bear until further notice. Reports have not indicated if Bonnell would be reclaiming the bear following his own emergency care at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital. An immediate updated on his condition was not available following inquiries for the attached articles. No word has been given yet on the length of time he will need to be submitted to the hospital for. Reports have not indicated whether or not the added weight of the black bear to the all-terrain vehicle could have contributed to the crash and succeeding rollover taking place atop Ossipee Mountain.

Further details regarding this matter are expected to be released in the upcoming days to follow pending additional investigation from law enforcement officials into the crash.


Additional information may be found at the following links: http://www.metrowestdailynews.com/article/20150908/NEWS/150907159



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