Whitmore Man Killed on the Road, Family Blames Ford

Earlier this week, the family of a Massachusetts man who died in a minivan accident spoke out against Ford Motor Co., saying the company didn’t publicize a vehicle recall widely enough. One week after Sean Bowman died, his family received a safety recall notice from Ford announcing that it was recalling over a half million older-model Windstars. The recall covered vans sold in 21 states where road salt can lead to rusted axles. Corroded metal could result in cracks and broken axles.

The Whitman man died after his vehicle’s rear axle cracked in half and the vehicle hit a building. According to Ford, there were seven accidents with three minor injuries as of September. The fatal accident occurred in October, and the auto company has declined to comment on this particular case.

However, Ford has recalled an additional 37,000 vans as of December 6. Cases like this require an experienced

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