Tragedy Strikes World Superbike Race as Motorcyclists are Killed

Tragedy struck in San Francisco on Sunday when two motorcycle racers from Spain were killed during a World Superbike Race. The race took place at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, according to a statement given by a sheriff’s spokesman for Monterey County. A crash occurred that caused a chain-reaction during the first lap of the race. Twenty eight riders took part in the occasion, and witnesses from the event have said that five competitors collided on the pathway which led to many of them being thrown into the dirt surrounding the track. Additional injuries to other riders have not been provided, but sources state that four of the five injured riders received treatment for their injuries while they were still at the venue where the race was taking place. Their identities have not been released at the current time.

The two men who were killed have been positively identified as 35 year old Bernat Martinez of Alberic, Valencia, Spain, and 27 year old Daniel Rivas Fernandez of Moana Galicia, Spain. Each of the men was transported from Mazda Raceway to undisclosed hospitals where they both later died from their injuries. The severity of their wounds has not been made available.

The spokesman for the Monterey County sheriff’s office, Cmdr. John Thornburg, has also stated that the sheriff’s office is not planning to investigate the incident that took place at the MotoAmerica Superbike/Superstock 1000 race. Thornburg has stated that it appears to be an accident and nothing further.

A spokesman for MotoAmerica by the name of Paul Carruthers has expressed what all others involved in this matter have been feeling—that he doesn’t understand what could have caused the crash to happen. The track was dry prior to the start of the event, and Carruthers has specifically stated that MotoAmerica does not hold any of their races if they feel as though there is any type of issue with the track being used. He did not comment on whether or not MotoAmerica, the company that organizes these types of races, has decided to pursue their own investigation into the matter at hand.

However, the track spokesman for Mazda Raceway, David Hart, has said that the Laguna Seca will be conducting their own investigation into the accident in an attempt to understand the saddening events that took place there on Sunday.

The president for MotoAmerica, Wayne Rainey, has not commented directly on any ongoing investigations into the accident. He has issued a statement offering his condolences to the family members of the two men who lost their lives, saying “I really don’t have any words to describe what we all feel.”

The racing industry is a victim to accidents due to the sheer nature of the event that these riders are participating in. Any number of factors could play a role into a crash taking place—and the domino effect that it holds over everyone. The only hope going forward is that contributing companies can find a way to even further secure the safety of all those riders who make the decision to partake in these races.

Even the best riders in the world are at risk in the world of competitive motorcycling racing. In the everyday world motorcyclists have to be keenly aware of the hazards of the Massachusetts roadways, cyclists can never be too cautious. If you have been involved in a accident on your bike and have any questions from bike repair, lost wages, or injury valuation give one of our experienced Boston car accident lawyers a call to discuss your case.

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