Bike Accident Proves Fatal in Exeter, Another Reminder To Remain Cautious On The Roadways This Summer

Another unfortunate loss of life serves as a reminder that accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. The saddening incident from Exeter, New Hampshire that took place yesterday has highlighted just how random these accidents may be.

At approximately 1:20 PM Wednesday, July 22nd, 64 year old Margaret Rugg of Exeter, New Hampshire fell off her bike and was subsequently hit and killed by a container truck. The accident took place on Epping Road, according to the preliminary reports provided by law enforcement officials investigating the matter. The container truck which struck Margaret Rugg was owned by Pinard Waste Management Systems and was operated by a man from Milton at the time of the accident. The name of the driver of the container truck has not been disclosed at this time, and he also has not been charged with anything as of yet. The driver of the garbage vehicle did not suffer any apparent injuries from the accident. Initial reports for the investigation indicate that law enforcement officials on scene did not believe that drugs or alcohol played a role in what took place.

Route 27, the area surrounding where the accident took place on Epping Road, was closed until approximately 7:30 PM as the investigation continued. Officers in the area redirected the flow of traffic through the town of Exeter and to nearby Exit 9 on Highway 101. The State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction unit as well as the Exeter New Hampshire police department are working together closely to investigate the accident.

A law enforcement official, Trooper Greg Dube, has provided a telephone number and email address for witnesses to call who may possibly have further information regarding this matter. The number and email address are as follows: 603-223-8490 and

New Hampshire police have stated that the preliminary reports have determined that Margaret Rugg had been riding her bicycle along a lane that ran near a Great Bay Kids Company construction zone and lost her balance as she was traveling along. It was after she lost her balance that she fell into the path of the container truck. Authorities have said that Ms. Rugg was later pronounced dead at the scene. The extent and nature of her injuries has not been made immediately available.

A nearby resident of Epping Road offered his condolences to Margaret Rugg’s family members and friends. As Mike Lambert watched the funeral home car transport Margaret’s body from the scene of the accident he said, “My prayers are with her family tonight.”

Accidents such as these leave communities feeling confused and frustrated. Situations tend to seem as though they could have been prevented. But the upsetting fact of reality is that instances such as what took place in Exeter happen in a matter of seconds—an indistinguishable amount of time in regards to prevention. Drivers and bicyclists alike are still urged to use immense caution when they are traveling the roads. Be alert, stay aware of your surroundings, and be sure to wear proper protection and gear if you are riding your bicycle.

Summertime is the most active time for bicyclists in Boston, drivers need to constantly be aware that they are sharing the road with bicycle riders. As a Boston car accident lawyer I see more than my share of bike accidents that are preventable with  a little more  care and road awareness from drivers. Slow down and take the time to see who is around you when driving your car this summer.


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