Suspect in Hit-and-Run Case Admits To Texting While Driving

According to Mont Vernon police, the driver accused of killing a man last week in a hit-and-run accident was texting just before the crash.

Travis Hobbs, 20, was charged with negligent homicide in connection with the crash that killed John Bachman, 71, on Monday. Hobbs told police he was texting and thought he hit only a snowbank. He turned himself in after seeing media reports about the crash.

The victim reportedly was getting his mail when he was struck. He was found injured in a snow bank and later died from his injuries.

Hobbs was arrested last Tuesday and released after posting $50,000 bail plus $1,000 cash. As part of his release, he is not allowed to drive.

Texting and driving accidents have become more and more prevalent as technology continues to be integrated into our daily lives. While Massachusetts has not passed legislation as strict as New Jersey, there are still laws against cell phone use in the car. In 2010, Massachusetts Governor Patrick signed a new law making it illegal for any operator to use a mobile cell phone or handheld device to manually compose a text message or access the Internet. The new law does not ban the use of cell phones to make phone calls, except to operators under the age of 18.

Any individual who is caught violating the law is subject to fines, and for those under 18, license suspension. Fines for this law start at $35 for a first violation and increase for any violations thereafter. First offenses for individuals under 18 include a $100 fine, a 60-day license suspension, as well as an “attitudinal retraining course.”

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