Survey Finds Boston Drivers Are “Courageous Commuters”

This may come as no surprise to most drivers in Massachusetts, but a recent survey conducted by the Concord-based TomTom Inc. found that Boston motorists are the most likely to use their horns when someone cuts them off.

TomTom studied drivers in seven American cities to find out the “driving personality” of each city, and Boston’s personality was the “courageous commuter.”

According to TomTom’s findings, this driving personality applies to “bold drivers who do what it takes to overcome the obstacles and complexities of daily driving.” Yes, that definitely sounds like it applies to Boston!

Drivers in Atlanta and Minneapolis also fall under the category of “courageous commuters,” while LA and Houston drivers were classified as “diligent drivers” and those in Chicago and New York were dubbed “neutral navigators.”

Survey: Boston drivers are “courageous commuters,” Boston Globe, July 17, 2009
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