Massachusetts Drowsy Driving Commission Working to Reduce Drowsy Driving Accidents

As previously discussed, the National Transportation Safety Board found that drowsy driving was a probable cause in a Newton train accident last year. According to the board, drowsiness is the most common cause of fatal-to-the-driver truck crashes. In fact, the number of fatal truck accidents associated with fatigue is equal to the combined number of crashes related to drugs and alcohol.

Truck drivers and trolley conductors are not the only ones who are susceptible to accidents associated with sleep deprivation. Car drivers are also at risk. In fact, each day, 250,000 United States drivers fall asleep at the wheel, causing 8,000 deaths and 60,000 serious injuries annually.

Because drowsy driving accidents are preventable, the Massachusetts Drowsy Driving Commission made a series of recommendations earlier this year that they hope will reduce drowsy-driving accidents. Educating drivers about the risks of driving while tired is a primary goal, while diagnosing and treating sleep disorders is another important step.

Drowsy-driving tragedies preventable, Boston Globe, August 3, 2009
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