Surprise Inspections Uncover Safety Violations in Brockton

A joint investigation between Brockton police and state Department of Transportation authorities revealed serious violations among Massachusetts drivers of vans and station wagons transporting students to elementary schools and day care centers. Dozens of drivers received citations for violations including driving without a license, overloading vehicles, and bald tires.

The crackdown, dubbed Operation Clean Sweep, involved a dozen surprise checkpoints. Of the 85 transport vehicles investigated, there were 52 violations discovered. One company actually faces a criminal complaint for overloading vehicles with too many children, because not securing children in a car sweat or making sure that they wear seat belts significantly increases the rick of fatality in the event of a motor vehicle collision.

Another concern was that not all of the drivers had a 7-D license, which signifies that the driver has undergone a criminal background check to ensure that they qualified to transport Massachusetts students. The holder of a 7-D license is also required to pass inspections twice a year to ensure vehicle safety.

Source: Drivers of students cited after inspections, Boston Globe, December 21, 2009
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