Plympton Police Searing for Plow Driver Who Injured Pedestrian

On Monday evening around 6pm, a plow driver in Plympton, Massachusetts reportedly hit a 47-year-old woman and drove off. The pedestrian accident victim was apparently walking in the street when she was hit. The plow was not plowing snow at the time of the accident.

Police say they are searching for a small SUV with a plow attached to the front. Officials at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston report that the woman who survived the hit and run is in fair condition.

Because pedestrians have no protection against vehicles like cars, trucks, or SUVs, they are extremely vulnerable to injury if they are involved in an accident. Potential injuries include broken bones, brain injuries, internal bleeding, and sometimes death.

Source: MA police search for plow driver who allegedly hit woman and drove off,, December 22, 2009
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