Snowfall Causes Several Car Accidents, No Serious Injuries Reported

On Sunday during the season’s first widespread snowfall, more than a dozen auto accidents were reported between 1 and 4am between Northampton and Holyoke. Most of the car crashes occurred on Interstate 91 in Holyoke near exits 15, 16, and 17 northbound and southbound, according to a Massachusetts state trooper.

Several people were taken to Boston area hospitals, but no serious injuries were reported. One driver slid into a parked police cruiser. The trooper had stopped on the side of I-91 to assist with another motor vehicle accident when his car was hit. Fortunately, he was not in the car at the time, so there were no injuries.

On Sunday afternoon, the snow returned, resulting in several small accidents in Franklin and Berkshire Counties. In addition to highway accidents, police in Western Massachusetts reported a few minor car accidents in their area as well.

Snowfall causes flurry of accidents,, December 8, 2008
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