Drivers Enroll in Driver Skills Programs to Learn Accident Avoidance Strategies

With winter descending on New England along with the threat of weather-related auto crashes, some drivers are taking a proactive stance against the hazards of ice-covered roads by enrolling in driver skills development programs.

Programs like the In Control driving school, which offers classes in South Weymouth, North Andover, Seekonk, Worcester, and Cape Cod, teach experienced and beginning driver advanced accident avoidance techniques.

One way to lower the risk of a traffic accident during implement weather is to leave proper space between cars. Leaving one car length for every 10mph will, unfortunately, not allow enough space to prevent a car collision. Instead, instructors recommend that drivers notice when the vehicle ahead passes a landmark alongside the road and ensure that they take a minimum of three second to pass the same object.

This past weekend, under a light dusting of snow, a driver and a state trooper sustained injuries in unrelated car crashes, underscoring the importance of driver safety, particularly during the winter months.

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