Police Charge Leominster Man with Hit-and- Run and Intimidating a Witness

The driver involved in suspected hit-and-run crash in Leominster has been found and arrested according to local police. Daniel Brand, 34 was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and intimidating a witness when he turned himself in on Friday. His arrest stems from an accident in which Brand allegedly hit a teenager riding his bike and left the scene without stopping. The bike was dragged under the car for about a mile before the driver was seen tossing it over a fence in an effort to cover up evidence.

Sixteen-year-old Joshua Carillo was riding his bike along Route 12 in Leominster last Monday night when he was struck hard by a driver in a Honda sedan, leaving him with two broken legs. Understandably, Joshua’s mother was very upset and publically pleaded with the driver to do the right thing and come forward.

Authorities say a crucial piece of information came from an unidentified witness who came forward to inform police she saw Daniel Brand attempting to get rid of the bike over a fence. It was then that police believe he went to the witness’ house to try to convince her not to go to authorities with the information. Brand threatened the witness by saying, “you better not talk to the police I’m not going down for this,” Leominster Police Lt. Michael Goldman told WBZ-TV.

Thankfully, police found Brand’s Honda with damage to the undercarriage and seized it as evidence on Wednesday. It was noted that the car is not registered to Brand and he does not possess a valid driver’s license.

Daniel is described as a married father of three. His wife, Cheryl Brand told WBZ-TV that while her husband did show up at the witness’ house and spoke with her, she vehemently denies that her husband intimidated the witness. “I just don’t understand why the witness would be so scared as my husband and his friend went to go see her and had a nice conversation,” Cheryl Brand told WBZ-TV.

“His story is not consistent, but we want to get a search warrant for (the driver’s) phone and forensics on the bike,” Lt. Michael Goldman said in a statement to reporters Thursday. If convicted, Brand could face a misdemeanor charge for leaving the scene of an accident, but intimidating a witness is a felony, as is property damage.

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