Passengers Injured When MBTA Crashes Through Mass Pike Guardrail

An MBTA driver and seven passengers were injured yesterday when their bus crashed through a guardrail over the Massachusetts Turnpike in Newton.

Authorities say the bus crashed through the guardrail of an overpass on Washington Street at Newton Corner and could be seen from exit 17. Emergency responders at the scene said that there was no threat of the bus ever falling down onto the state highway.

Passengers as well as the bus driver were treated at the scene, and some were taken to area hospitals for further evaluation. State Police and MBTA officials are investigating the crash.

This is the second MBTA bus accident in less than a week. Last Tuesday, several passengers were injured when the bus they were traveling on veered off of the road and crashed into a utility pole in Randolph, according to WCVB.

Joe Pesaturo, a spokesperson for the MBTA said that the #240 bus, which was traveling on Route 28, did in fact strike a utility pole and that several passengers were injured in the accident. Passengers of the crash suffered minor injures-some of which reported experiencing neck and back pain.

MBTA Accidents and What You Need to Know

Whether you utilize public transportation regularly or sporadically, be it the local bus, commuter rail or subway, there is always a potential risk of injury. Not only do MBTA accidents occur en route, but persons may also be injured on MBTA premises. Locations can include (but are not limited to) bus or train stations, on station platforms, on stairways or stairwells, in elevators and egresses.

When a person is injured in an accident that he or she did not cause, especially while taking public transportation, immediate thoughts of who is liable arise. People may wonder who is responsible for paying:

– Medical bills associated with the injury – Lost wages (if the injury prevents him/her from returning to work)
– Property damage – Long term care and disability
– Pain and suffering – Other costs related to the injury
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