Pedestrian Trapped Underneath Trailer in Waltham – Driver May Have Had Suspended License

Information is still being collected following an accident that took place this morning in Waltham, Massachusetts. The accident that occurred involved a pedestrian being struck by a trailer that broke free from the back of a truck that was hauling the attachment.

At approximately 9:00 AM Thursday morning a 75 year old woman was hit by a trailer that had become detached from the truck hitch it was connected to. The direct circumstances involving this particular accident have not been made immediately available as the investigation is still ongoing. Initial reports from the scene indicate that the woman, who has not been identified at this time, was walking down the sidewalk when the incident occurred. According to those preliminary reports, the incident happened around the area of School Street and Francis Street in Waltham. After being hit by the trailer, the elderly woman became pinned between the vehicle and hedges lining the sidewalk. Law enforcement officials responding to the scene said that it is very likely that the placement of these hedges saved the woman’s life. The hedges allowed for the woman to be cushioned from the impact of the crash, which dramatically decreased the extent of injuries this woman may have faced otherwise. She was transported from the scene to a local hospital to receive treatment for a broken leg she sustained during the accident. Reports have indicated that the woman is listed in serious but stable condition following her admittance to the hospital.

Waltham Police worked alongside emergency response crews on the scene in an effort to free the woman who had become trapped underneath the trailer following the impact of the accident. It is unclear at this time how long officials were attempting to free the woman before they were able to pull her to safety. Those responding to the scene have said that it’s incredibly fortunate that she only suffered non-life threatening injuries from the crash. The driver of the truck that the trailer became detached from did not suffer any reported injuries.

The trailer, which weighed about one ton and contained roofing shingles, was attached to a vehicle that was being operated by a 41 year old man from Randolph. The man has also not been identified at this time, but initial reports of the investigation indicate that the man may have been operating the vehicle with a suspended license. Law enforcement officials responding to the scene have not provided information on any possible charges he may face in relation to this accident. Some isolated reports are showing that the unnamed driver is being charged with operating a vehicle with a suspended license, but no official word has been given at this time.

More information is expected to be released in the upcoming days to follow as officials investigating the scene collect additional evidence. The first reports being published have not indicated whether or not there were any specific witnesses that saw the events unfold. Talk about fortunate – the placement of the shrubs may have saved that woman’s life. Hopefully she will make a full a fast recovery. Being a Boston car accident lawyer for so many years I have seen my share of bizarre accidents and this ranks right up there with many of them. If you have recently been involved in an accident and have questions about what benefits you may be entitled to give us a call today.


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