Hail Storm Causes Extensive Damage to Massachusetts Motorists

The severe weather experienced throughout the Boston area last Tuesday has caused widespread damage on a variety of levels. Power lines and trees have fallen down and some people have suffered injuries due to the intense nature of the storm. Certain parts of the state experienced heavy rain and wind that reached over 75 MPH. Other areas of Massachusetts experienced an overwhelming hail storm that has left many vehicles damaged in the aftermath.

Reports have indicated that 2 inch hail crashed down in parts of Massachusetts during the intense storm that was brewing on Tuesday. The hail storm that took place that day is the largest hail storm that Boston has seen since about 1950, according to the weather related data that has been recorded since that time. If residents of these Massachusetts towns left their cars out in the open to brave the elements—they’ll be able to tell you just how extensive this storm was. Jackie Shelton, a resident from an undisclosed nearby town, said in a report that she believed that the windows of her car were going to give way during the heaviest part of the storm. Thankfully, her windows withstood the pummeling but the remainder of her car wasn’t as lucky. Ms. Shelton’s vehicle is now covered in dents as a result of the hail storm, and she’ll have to look into having the dents removed at an auto body now that the weather has returned to normal.

Another Massachusetts resident that is dealing with the after effects of the largest hail storm in the past 65 years is Patrick Cibotti. He works at Boston Body Works—an auto body that had understandably left vehicles outside that were waiting for various repairs—repairs that will now also include dent removal. “I thought it sounded like gunshots with the hail bouncing all over the place,” he was quoted as saying following the storm. Cibotti went on to say that he had around 15 vehicles outside of his auto body when the storm began and all of these vehicles require dent repair now that the weather has cleared. Some of the issues, he says, can be fixed with a dingless remover. This option is relatively cheap compared to other alternatives, but unfortunately some car owners won’t be able to get away with just having that done to their car. Cibotti estimates that at least some of the cars will need to have their hoods and trunk lids replaced. He even believes that some of the vehicles may need the roof entirely replaced. He, alongside other body shop owners, believes that insurance companies should cover the cost of the damage inflicted by the hail. But he says that the owners of the vehicles will still have to pay their deductibles on their own.

Gino Tramontozzi, who works for Needham Collision, shared similar sentiments as those expressed by Patrick Cibotti. He said that while the dents are unpleasant to look at, they won’t lead to further issues with the vehicle such as rust in the damaged areas. He knows that body shops will do what they can to repair the issues with the least expensive option, but he too understands that some of these cars will just need certain parts replaced anyway.

Personal vehicles weren’t the only ones to suffer extensive damage due to the powerful hail storm. In addition to the complaints registered by Massachusetts residents and local auto bodies, the country club in Wayland has reported that they had to shut down their location for a period of times as employees worked toward repairing dents that had been sustained to their golf course. Wayland Country Club has stated that there were thousands of hail markings dotting the course. No word yet on how much their insurance will cover in terms of damages from this monumental storm.





Original article and quotes may be found at the following link:  http://www.wcvb.com/weather/car-owners-flock-to-body-shops-to-repair-hail-damage/34556138

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