Massachusetts Trooper Injured By Fleeing Suspect

A 29-year-old Framingham driver of a MAZDA3 was arraigned last week. He faces five counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (his car). According to police, the driver swerved in the direction of a grandfather and his grandson after the grandfather told the driver to turn down his music.

The pedestrians weren’t hit, but the grandfather alerted a nearby Massachusetts trooper, who asked the driver to stop. The suspect fled, setting off a high-speed chase down the Massachusetts Turnpike. A state police spokesperson said speeds exceeded 80 mph in some areas.

The driver barreled through several cruisers, hitting at least three. He also injured one trooper, who was later released from a local hospital after being treated for minor injuries. Police are reviewing the pursuit and arrest to check that all rules were followed.

Source: Trooper hurt, driver arrested after Pike pursuit,, June 28, 2010
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