Massachusetts Bear Population Poses Hazard to Drivers

In Northampton, several recent car accidents have involved bears crossing the street. On April 30, a bear cub was badly injured by a vehicle on Florence Road, and environmental police had to put the cub down.

Two other auto accidents occurred this week. One accident occurred on Monday afternoon, when a green mini-van hit a small bear. The second motor vehicle accident occurred Tuesday evening when a cub crossed the path of a vehicle traveling west. In both cases, the drivers were not injured, though the second driver’s vehicle suffered over $1,000 in front-end damage.

A spokesperson for the Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife Cooperative Research unit at the University of Massachusetts said there are roughly 3,000 bears statewide, and cubs are especially at risk for injury because of their inexperience. He adds that the best way to avoid a car crash involving a bear is to drive more slowly, especially on winding road.

Source: Collisions grow as bears adapt,, July 1, 2010
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