Massachusetts Launches New Car Inspection Plan

Note: this post has been updated with information courtesy of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

The Boston Globe reports that Massachusetts launched a new vehicle inspection program this month, complete with a new logo, website, and toll-free hotline. The vehicle inspection program is expected to take less time and increase the number of car safety checks performed at local service stations. It will cost the same $29 per vehicle.

Owners of vehicles that fail the safety inspection will be required to get safety repairs done immediately and get their vehicles retested within 60 days. However, under the new program, owners with emission repairs that exceed specific cost thresholds are now able to apply for an economic hardship waiver. If granted, the waiver allows the owner to continue driving the vehicle for up to a year.

Vehicles built before 1996 will no longer be required to undergo emission testing, but vehicles with smoke coming out of tailpipes will be failed. Car models from 1996 and later will undergo yearly on-board diagnostic emissions testing.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Environmental Protection have hired Parsons Commercial Technology Group to manage the program and install equipment at 1,400 sites throughout Massachusetts.

New car inspection plan launches tomorrow statewide, Boston Globe, September 30, 2008
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