Massachusetts Considers “Move Over Law”

Out of concern for police officers and tow truck drivers who have been injured or killed on the side of the highway, Massachusetts legislators have called for new legislation called the “Move Over Law.” Sponsored by State Representative Christine E. Canavan, of Brockton, the law would require highway drivers to move out of the right lane if emergency vehicle lights are flashing.

For instance, Massachusetts state trooper was hit by a 2008 Nissan Maxima while the trooper was stopped in a breakdown lane near Newton, Massachusetts, investigating a car crash. The impact of the collision sent the trooper through the windshield of the Nissan.

Fortunately, the trooper survived the car accident, but the incident does reinforce the need for legislation. A fatal breakdown lane accident occurred in 2004, when two tow truck drivers were hit and killed along Interstate 495 in Brockton.

According to Move Over America, a coalition of national law enforcement agencies who are favor of the new law, forty-three states have already passed similar legislation.

‘Move Over Law’ sought after trooper struck, Boston Globe, October 19, 2008
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