Lawrence Auto Accident Claims Raise Red Flags

In Lawrence, Massachusetts, the city’s auto insurance task force is investigating a two-car crash that occurred in January, 2003. Nine people were charged with auto insurance fraud last week in connection with the car crash, and four of those have filed seven or more auto insurance claims, raising potential questions about the claimants’ credibility.

One of those people, Jose Cruz, of Lawrence, Massachusetts, has reportedly filed over twenty auto insurance claims in a 5.5 year period. Eight of his insurance claims involved injuries. Another, Rita Lopez, also of Lawrence, Massachusetts filed 22 auto insurance claims in a little over a decade. She claimed to have sustained injuries in six of those car accident claims.

The car insurance industry has a nickname for those who file five or more claims in a decade: “frequent flier.” Two passengers have already come forward to tell police that the 2003 auto accident was a fraud. The city of Lawrence is in the midst of a five year crackdown on auto insurance fraud. This case brings the total number of people charged to 333.

Participants’ insurance claims history raises ‘red flags’ in latest auto fraud case, The Eagle Tribune, October 12, 2008
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