Massachusetts Considers How to Enforce Driving & Texting Ban

Legislators here in Massachusetts recently passed a bill that would ban drivers from texting messaging while on the road. The bill will be passed along to the Senate. But an article in the Boston Globe points out that enforcing this ban could be tricky. Since the ban would not outlaw dialing phone numbers, how could police officers really know if a driver is texting or dialing? And if you plug an iPod into your car’s stereo system, could you get nabbed for messing with your music rather than texting?

The technology is no new that these questions are tough to answer.

In fact, a spokesman for the Governor Highway Safety Association admitted that they don’t yet have a good way to enforce texting bans. It’s much easier for officers to spot a driver talking on a cell phone than texting on a cell phone, because texting can be done covertly under the window. However, advocates for the bill are quick to point out that distracted driving is a major factor in countless car accidents, causing numerous fatalities and serious injuries.

Source: Texting bans raise questions of enforcement, Boston Globe, February 7, 2010
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