Good Samaritan Helps Save Woman Trapped in Fiery Car Crash in Westminster, MA

A Good Samaritan helped saved a woman from a fiery car after she crashed head-on into another vehicle in Westminster last night.

The young woman was driving on Route 140 when she swerved into the other lane and struck an oncoming car carrying two male passengers. The woman’s car became engulfed in flames, and firefighters were dispatched to the scene.

According to Westminster Fire Chief Brenton MacAloney, a former military paramedic firefighter living down the street heard the crash and rushed to help save the woman who was trapped in the burning car. MacAloney said the man jumped through the vehicle’s sun roof to try and extricate the unconscious woman, while keeping her in a position best suited for her to survive.

The woman was transported to UMass Memorial Medical Center with critical injuries. Both men were taken to Heywood Hospital, in Gardner, MA.

The victims were fortunate for the swift actions of the Good Samaritan. Had it not been for this individual, the situation may have turned out much differently.

Though we are almost into springtime, the weather in New England still remains unpredictable. Cold weather and snow make for poor road conditions and increase the likelihood for car accidents. When traveling in cold weather, remember to drive slowly and be cautious of black ice and slippery roads, especially when driving at night or when there is poor visibility.

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