Woman Struck and Killed by Lowell Bus

Judyann Lamothe, a 53-year-old Lowell woman, was killed last Thursday when she was hit by a bus. Lamothe fell under the wheels of a Lowell Regional Transit Authority shuttle as it moved out from a bus stop in downtown Lowell, according to the Boston Globe.

An administrator from the LRTA said the bus driver had a good driving record and had been with company for 13 years. The administrator also said that the accident happened as Lamothe was banging on the back of the bus, trying to get on as it was driving forward, but that the driver didn’t hear her. He said that that was when she fell underneath the back wheel. Police are still investigating the accident.

Bus accidents can be the result of many different factors including driver error and inattention, bad weather, malfunctioning equipment, poor maintenance and dangerous traffic conditions. In certain circumstances, the person injured might be entitled to compensation for their injuries.

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The Boston Globe: Woman killed when struck by bus in Lowell, officials say

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