Weather Advisory for New England Drivers

Our Massachusetts motor vehicle crash lawyers would like to remind drivers to take extra care on wet or icy roads. The Union Leader reports that advisory speeds are down to 45 for state highways from Concord, New Hampshire south to the Massachusetts border. There are apparently reports of cars off the road near the Massachusetts border.

Areas that have seen car crashes may be backed up, so please allow extra time. One of those areas is where four vehicles collided this morning at the junction of I-89 and I-93 North in Bow.

Meteorologists do not expect significant accumulations of snow today. However, much of yesterday’s snow remains and parts of New England may get another inch or two of snow on Wednesday evening.

Source: Take it easy on those slick roads, New Hampshire Union Leader, January 19, 2010
Icy road conditions can lead to car accidents, so if you have been injured on the road, please call our Massachusetts personal injury lawyers to discuss your legal options.

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