Two MBTA Employees May Be Fired After Crashes

The Boston Globe reported recently that two members of the MBTA crews connected with recent accidents on the Green Line have tested positive for drugs or alcohol. Neither accident resulted in life-threatening injuries, but testing was part of part of routine accident procedure. Both employees were suspended without pay while the MBTA works through the formal process of dismissing them.

The MBTA would not release the names of the employees in question, and it denied that the positive test results were indicative of a substance abuse problem within the MBTA. According to MBTA officials, the T’s safety regulations are actually more thorough than those mandated by the Federal Transit Administration.

The MBTA’s safety program includes drug and alcohol screenings before hiring crew members and random tests on crew members with safety-sensitive jobs. Both of the employees in question had tested negative during random screenings over the past 13 months.

Both accidents remain under investigation.

2 at T may be fired in crashes, Boston Globe, November 21, 2008
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