Truck Passenger Injured After Tree Falls in Malden

Last week, a falling tree in Malden injured a man riding in a black Ford pickup truck that was traveling westbound. The truck accident occurred last Wednesday morning on Pleasant Street. The driver of the pickup truck declined medical attention, but his passenger was treated for non-life-threatening injuries at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The falling tree crushed the truck’s hood and cab, also striking an eastbound van driven by a 56-year-old Lowell man. The man works as a computer repairman and says this is the second company van destroyed by a falling tree. The previous accident occurred within the past two years, when a tree branch feel on the van in his driveway during an ice storm.

The Malden Department of Public Works cleared away debris from the auto accident.

Source: Tree falls in Malden, injuring truck passenger, Boston Globe, August 26, 2010
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