Trooper Hit by a Car on Fall River Highway

Christopher Kaszyk, a state trooper, was hit by a car on a Fall River highway Wednesday. The accident occurred where Route 97 merges onto Route 24.

The trooper was outside of his car helping with a previous single-car accident around 6:30 a.m. when a driver attempting to merge hit him as well as the car he had stopped to assist. Kaszyk was taken to Charlton Memorial Hospital with minor injuries. Police are investigating, and no charges have been filed.

We know that being a police officer is a risky job in terms of fighting crime, but it can easy to forget the personal injury dangers that come with being a cop. Officers are frequently injured in circumstances like this one or while on details like directing traffic. Chases, emergency responses and long hours patrolling in cruisers also increase officers’ chances of becoming involved in a serious crash. In fact, car accidents are the most common cause of police officer deaths. Recent statistics show that 35% of officer deaths were vehicle-related, with only 3% of those occurring during vehicular pursuits or chases. In addition Injured- On- Duty pay, police injured on duty may be able to collect other compensation.

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Source: The Boston Globe, Trooper injured in Fall River highway accident

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