Train Accident on DC’s Metro Kills Nine, Injures Many More

A recent Boston subway crash injured 50 people. Fortunately, no one was killed, but the MBTA accident did raise questions about cell phone use among MBTA drivers and train conductors.

However, in Washington, DC last week, a commuter rail accident killed nine people in what officials are calling the worst commuter rail accident in the city’s history. That brings the Metro’s death toll up to 17 people since the Metro opened, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Investigators say emergency brakes were used on the train that rear-ended another train during rush hour on Monday evening. An estimated 75 people were injured in the train accident, which happened on the Red Line between Takoma and Fort Totten Stations. Nine people were killed, among them the operator of the train that collided with another train that was stopped.

The train crash is under investigation, and authorities say they do not know if human error played a role, although it was recommended to the Metro that they replace older trains.

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