Tow Truck Rear Ends Car in Lynn Leaving two Injured and one Dead

A 23-year old passenger was killed in Lynn when a flat bed tow truck struck the Honda Civic he was riding in from behind. The two remaining occupants of the Honda Civic who were riding in the front seat were taken to Salem Hospital for treatment of their injuries.

The accident occurred at 4:32 pm on the southbound side of the Lynnway at the Harding Street red-light. The occupants of the Civic were stopped at a red-light when the impact occurred.

Following the collision, both the tow truck, which was owned and operated by a Revere towing company, and the Honda Civic caught fire. The operator of the flat bed tow truck was not injured and has not been charged by the local police. Authorities are currently investigating the incident.

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Source: Tow truck rear-ends car, killing passenger, The Boston Globe, July 31, 2010

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