SUV Rollover Accident in Sandisfield

In Sandisfield, Southern Berkshire County, a woman driving an SUV has been severely injured after her vehicle flipped over in a single-car accident. Massachusetts State Police have reported that Jazmine Solero, 33, of New York, was driving four passengers on Route 8 in an Isuzu Rodeo. Because of ice and snow, Solero lost control and veered off of the road into an embankment. Her vehicle then crashed into a telephone pole and flipped over. Solero was trapped inside until the emergency crew pulled her from the wreck. All four passengers, two in their twenties and two teenagers, are reported to have potentially serious injuries but the extent of which is unknown. Police have confirmed that Solero was not speeding when the accident occurred.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rates the Isuzu Rodeo with an average of three out five stars for rollover safety on models made between 1990 and 2010. They also explain that rollover accidents have a higher fatality rate than other types of crashes and are most likely to happen on rural roads as almost 75% of all rollover accidents occur on rural roads. As a precaution for drivers, the NHTSA provides these safety tips on how to prevent a rollover accident:

• Use extra caution on rural roads and highways, especially on undivided two-way roads. Soft shoulders or embankments can increase chances of flipping.
• Avoid panicked or quick steering; quickly overcorrecting steering at high speeds can result in loss of control and rolling over.
• Maintain tires with the correct amount of air. This will help the driver to control the vehicle and prevent a vehicle from sliding on wet or icy pavement.
• Know your vehicle’s weight limit. Find your car’s suggested weight limit in your car’s owner manual to ensure that the vehicle load does not exceed the suggested safe load.

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