Study Shows That Boston Has Worst Drivers in The Country

If you have ever driven in Boston, you are familiar with the difficulties this provides on a near constant basis. Rotaries, one way streets, freeway exits appearing almost out of thin air when you’re trying to figure out how to get out of the tunnel and over to the airport. Government Center to Logan and back again. These situations would be difficult to navigate on their own—but when you add in the fact that Boston is currently listed as having the worst drivers in the country—it makes these issues even more problematic to deal with.

In an annual ranking conducted by Allstate Insurance, Boston was found to have the worst drivers in the country out of a list of 200 large cities. Two other cities in Massachusetts, Springfield and Worcester, also finished in the bottom five, with Springfield placing at number 196 and Worcester at number 199. When Allstate conducted the same research last year for their 2014 report, they found that Worcester, Massachusetts had the worst drivers in the nation. Apparently, they have become slightly less terrible in the past year and now Massachusetts’ largest city has taken over the bottom tier ranking. Nearby Providence, Rhode Island also placed poorly, finishing at number 195 on Allstate’s “America’s Best Drivers” report. It must be a New England thing.

Of the cities pooled to create the report, Allstate found that Kansas City drivers were the best nationwide. Brownsville, Texas finished as the runner up coming in second place behind Kansas City. Other notable cities that were found to be in possession of the best drivers were Boise, Idaho, Fort Collins, Colorado, followed by Cape Coral, Florida to complete the top five spots on the insurance company’s list.

In order to formulate the data needed to reach their annual conclusions, Allstate takes into consideration a variety of factors. One of the key influences is the average number of years between accidents taking place in these cities. They also take a close look at the “relative accident likelihood” in each of these cities compared to the numbers for the national average for these same matters. Allstate then comprises their comprehensive list following the acquisition of this information.

When displaying their interactive map detailing which cities possess the safest drivers and which don’t, Allstate also offers a variety of ways for individuals to become better and safer drivers in their own lives regardless of where they live. On a statement listed below their graph for the “America’s Best Drivers” ranking, Allstate says that “Sharing this data every year can highlight the importance of educating people about the importance of safe driving.”

Allstate goes on to say in their message calling for strong safety standards that drivers can do a few key things to ensure that they are making the roads a better place for everyone. They offer examples of wearing your seat belt and refraining from texting while driving as simple steps individuals may take in an effort to increase their safety and awareness on the road. And while New Hampshire laws are cracking down on texting while driving, perhaps Massachusetts will follow suit now that they know they harbor the worst drivers in the country.


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