Stats Show 20% Fewer Car Crashes in Walpole

According to statistics from the first quarter of this year, car accidents in Walpole, Massachusetts have decreased by 20 percent compared to first quarter last year. Last year, officers responded to 127 motor vehicle accidents in the first quarter compared to 101 accidents this year.

In fact, police have noted a three-year downward trend with 393 recorded auto accidents in 2008 and 11 fewer in 2009. This comes despite a decrease in manpower in the city’s police department over the last few years. In 2004, the department had 41 officers compared to its current 33 sworn officers.

Walpole’s police chief attributed this trend to efficient policing, improved sight visibility at dangerous spots, and road improvements at several intersections. He said they are planning to hire two experienced officers soon and the town working to straighten out turns on two streets.

Source: Car accidents in Walpole down 20 percent,, April 15, 2010
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