Seat Belt Laws Reduce Deaths from Car Crashes

Studies show that 45 percent of those who die in a highway accident would have lived in they had been wearing a seat belt. Massachusetts, Maine, and dozens of other states around the country already have laws requiring adults to buckle up. If a new bill headed for the state Senate passes, then New Hampshire will become the 50th state to pass seat belt legislation.

The Transportation Committee changed the original bill from a primary to a secondary offense, meaning that police officers can only issue a ticket if the officer stops for the driver for a separate traffic violation. Roughly half of the states have primary seat-belt laws. Maine is among them, and the state’s commissioner of public safety saws the law resulted in 32 fewer highway deaths.

Massachusetts’ seat-belt law makes not wearing a seat belt a secondary offense. Police officers point out that since it can be difficult to see if drivers are wearing a seat belt, the enforcement often makes it a secondary offense anyway.

NH may become 50th state with seat belt law, Eagle Tribune, April 27, 2009
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