School Bus Carrying 58 Involved In Crash in Milton, MA

A school bus was involved in a crash on Massachusetts Interstate 93 on Tuesday afternoon while carrying 58 passengers.

According to police officials, the bus was traveling near exit 8 on the Southeast Expressway when it was involved in the single-vehicle accident. 54 students and 4 adults were on the bus, including the driver. Authorities said that no one on the bus was injured. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Buses and other modes of public transportation are utilized by millions of people each year. As a parent, having a child travel on a school bus can be worrisome, especially since children are particularly susceptible to sustaining an injury as seatbelts are typically not required to be worn on school buses.

When children are injured in school bus accidents, a number of questions race through a parent’s mind as to what the next step, aside from getting the obvious necessary treatment for injuries, should be. Cases involving school buses can become extremely complex as often school bus drivers are technically considered third parties to the school because they are usually employed by a private bus company. It is generally in the best interest of a person who is involved in this type of incident to seek the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in school bus accident cases.

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