Rockport Offers Safety Course for Motorcyclists

According to the Massachusetts’ Registry of Motor Vehicles, the number of registered motorcyclists increased by 12 percent in 2006 (the most recent year for which data is available). A state Department of Public Health report for 2006 released earlier this year states that 55 motorcyclists died in Massachusetts as the result of injuries suffered during a motorcycle accident.

In response to the increasing popularity of motorcycles in Massachusetts, the Rockport Ambulance Association is sponsoring an all-day training session on motorcycle safety. The November 16 course is free to the public and open to all Cape Ann residents. Emergency personnel who choose to complete the course will receive continuing education credits upon payment of $55.

The goal of this course is to reduce motorcyclist accident fatalities and the severity of injuries by teaching proper actions and reactions. Participants will learn how to secure a crash scene, how to assess the emergency medical safety factors, and how motorcyclists can protect themselves legally and financially. The course will also discuss injuries that are commonly associated with motorcycle accidents. Call 978-546-9589 to register for the “Crash Course for the Motorcyclist.”

Rise in riders prompts ‘crash course for motorcyclists’ in Rockport, Gloucester Times, October 31, 2008
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