Revere Car Accident Kills Peabody Woman

Last Wednesday morning, a Massachusetts car crash claimed the life of a 61-year-old woman from Peabody. The driver apparently lost control of the vehicle, which ended up in a river near Route 107 in Revere after a wheel feel off the car.

Two passerby were able to help a female passenger to safety, but the driver went down with the car after being unable to get out in time. In the background of the 911 emergency call, one could hear screaming for the driver to roll down her window.

The car was pulled from the water a few hours later, and investigators are searching for an explanation of what happened with the car’s wheel that caused the fatal accident.

Here in Massachusetts, the Good Samaritan law protects non-medical providers who make good faith efforts to help others in distress provided there is no willful or wanton misconduct or gross negligence. A different set of standards govern physicians, nurses, and other medical professionsals.

Source: Woman dies after car crashes into water in Revere, Mass.,, October 13, 2010
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