Red Line Train Derails at Alewife, Causing Delays

Last Tuesday afternoon, bus service replaced trains after a subway car derailment on the MBTA’s Red Line. The accident occurred at the Alewife MBTA station in Cambridge when the fourth of a six-car train leaving Alewife derailed. According to a spokesperson for the MBTA, 65 passengers were safely evacuated after the train derailed.

The MBTA used bus replacement service between Harvard Station and Alewife for the remainder of the day, and train service out of Alewife had resumed by 5am the following day, albeit with 10-15 minute delays.

According to Cambridge’s Deputy Fire Chief, employees for the MBTA were able to put out a few fires before the Cambridge Fire Department arrived at the scene.

Source: Delays after Red Line train derails at Alewife T station,, December 22, 2009
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