Police Reviewing Milford Car Crash After Drive Dies

A driver injured in a two-car crash in Milford, Massachusetts died last week after suffering extensive internal injuries. Police had initially believed that the 55-year-old man would recover from the September 12 auto accident, which occurred when the man’s 2002 Dodge was hit by an 1998 Kia SUV. The SUV hit the driver’s side of the Dodge after failing to stop at the stop sign on the Fruit Street Extension.

Police discovered that the driver was not licensed. They cited her for driving without a license and failure to stop at a stop sign. The owner of the SUV was also cited for allowing an improper person to drive a car without a valid driver’s license.

Because of the driver’s death, the Central Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council’s crash reconstruction team will conduct a scientific analysis. Officers will also review the autopsy review and make recommendations for any charges.

Driver from September crash dies; police to review circumstances, Milford Daily News, October 27, 2009
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