Police Officer Unharmed in Springfield Crash

On Thursday, an Enfield police officer was traveling south on I-91 when a tractor-trailer changed lanes unexpectedly and hit the officer’s car. Fortunately, the officer and his police dog Niko were not injured in the crash. As the tractor-trailer forced the officer’s car into the guardrail, the officer kept control of his vehicle and pulled over the truck. He then called the Massachusetts state police.

According to police, the truck’s wheels practically reached the hood of the officer’s car, which was heavily damaged. Police said the damaged vehicle was a spare, because the officer’s new car was being outfitted with radios and other items.

The truck driver who crashed into the officer’s car received a moving violation from Massachusetts state police.

SPRINGFIELD/ENFIELD: Officer, Dog Unhurt In Crash, Harford Courant, January 17, 2009
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