Off-Duty Boston Police Officer Collides With Boston Fire Truck

In Mattapan, Massachusetts, an SUV carrying an off-duty Boston police officer crashed into a Boston fire truck that was on its way to respond to a car accident. The fire truck, Engine 29, reportedly had sirens and lights on but according to witnesses, it went straight through a red light without slowing down. After colliding with the SUV, it crashed into a light pole. The accident occurred on Harvard Street at a very busy intersection.

The police officer who was in the SUV has sustained a serious leg injury from the accident. He was scheduled for a leg operation on Wednesday. The victim’s sister, Allyson Vinson Bowore, said that her brother, Darrell Vinson, has been with the Boston Police Department for twenty years. She said he was off-duty and headed to work when “The light turned green and he went and that’s when he got hit by the fire truck.”

The accident is under investigation by State police and no charges have been filed yet. Investigators are hoping that the traffic camera has captured this accident. Massachusetts state law requires that all emergency vehicles must stop at intersections for a red light even with their sirens and lights on. Officials have confirmed that the driver of Engine 29 has had drug and alcohol tests in the aftermath of the accident.

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SUV hits Boston fire truck in Mattapan, 7-News /, April 6, 2011
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