Momentary Distraction Leads to a 9-Vehicle Crash

Last week, the driver a semi tractor-trailer looked away from the road for a moment to reach a bottle of water and set off a nine-car crash. The tractor-trailer veered off-course and rear-ended another vehicle, creating a domino effect that involved several other vehicles. The semi hit the guard rail, turned, and slid into three more vehicles.

Fortunately, only one person sustained injuries severe enough to require a trip to the hospital. A 32-year-old plumber was taken to the hospital and treated for non life-threatening injuries. The driver of the semi truck, a 47-year-old trucker from Ohio, received a ticket for careless driving.

The motor vehicle accident caused police to close off northbound traffic and detour southbound traffic for part of the morning.

Trucker ticketed in 9-car crash in Green Oak Township,, January 27, 2009
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