MBTA Recognizes Workers Who Helped Prevent Subway Accident

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has come under scrutiny regarding several recent subway accidents. However, one near accident last Friday night had a happy ending thanks to the quick reactions of an MBTA inspector and an Orange Line operator. Both employees received a standing ovation during an MBTA meeting earlier this week.

The incident occurred at North Station when a passenger who reportedly had been drinking for several hours fell off the platform Friday evening. Passengers flailed their arms and the inspector quickly radioed the subway operator to warn her to stop. After applying the emergency brake, the heavy subway car stopped just inches from away from the woman. The unidentified woman was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital as a precaution.

A bystander who pulled the woman from the subway tracks after the near-accident says she wrote the MBTA and the Boston Globe that night to ensure that the train inspector and operator received recognition for their role in averting the subway accident.

Source: MBTA workers honored for roles in averting subway accident, Boston Globe, November 10, 2009
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