MBTA General Manager Resigns Amid Controversy

Last week, the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority’s general manager Daniel A. Grabauskas resigned under pressure from the current Democratic administration. Under Grabauskas’s leadership, the MBTA had come under fire for several reasons, including a subway accident earlier this year that over 60 people and caused $9 million in property damage. The MBTA was also being criticized for its financial woes, as the transit authority threatened to increase fares and/or cut service to make up million dollars in debt.

Despite criticism of Grabauskas’ leadership, he won a payout of $327,487, a sum that some consider to be irresponsible in light of the MBTA’s financial trouble.

In a press conference at the MBTA’s operations control center last week, State Transportation Secretary James A. Aloisi Jr. and MBTA interim general manager William Mitchell reassured MBTA customers that service and accountability would improve under new leadership. The merger of state transit agencies will be completed on November 1.

Aloisi promises a better MBTA, Boston Globe, August 8, 2009
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