MBTA Driver May Face Charges in Boston Train Crash

On Friday evening, an MBTA crash injured over forty people and forced MBTA to temporarily discontinue service between Government Center and Park Street on the Green Line. Two trains collided when an MBTA driver reportedly passed a yellow light, then ran a red light while texting his girlfriend.

Authorities said the driver, Aiden Quinn, 24, of Attleboro, Massachusetts, may be fired later this week if investigators confirm that he was using a cell phone prior to the crash. He may also face criminal charges, and officials say he did not attend a meeting with MBTA supervisors on Sunday.

The MBTA has already banned trolley operators from texting while on duty in response to an earlier MBTA accident. The MBTA has already suspended several other bus and trolley drivers for using cell phones while driving. However, the more recent incident has triggered an even tougher policy that will soon go into effect: train drivers caught with a cell phone while working will be fired.

Damages from the train crash are estimated around $9.6 million, but it is still under investigation.

Green Line Trains Running, Crash Under Investigation, The Boston Channel, May 11, 2009
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