MBTA Changes Driver’s License Policies

Our MBTA accident attorneys have recently learned that the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority plans to close a loophole that had allowed operators on the Orange, Red, and Blue lines to maneuver subway trains without a driver’s license. Currently, driver’s licenses are only required for Green Line and bus drivers, because those vehicles operate at least in part on public streets.

The MBTA’s General Manager said it’s unusual for a T operator to not have a driver’s license, but the new policy will make it a requirement for future hires. The new requirement will also impact T employees because it means their license status will be reviewed by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Governor Deval Patrick ordered a review of all MBTA hiring after a 2009 trolley accident on the Green Line.

Source: MBTA expanding its driver’s license requirement, Boston Globe, June 19, 2010
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